Today, I read the translation of an article by Steve Pavlina about earnings on the blog. Very interesting and inspiring article.

Can I earn from my blog enough for a comfortable life? Yes, many people have realized this and are making good money. If you want to, but do not yet know how to start making money from your blog, please continue reading this article to the end, so you will find answers to many questions. And if you do not find, then ask a question in the comments.

I'm sure most people want to make money while sleeping. It is possible, but not for everyone. Pavlina writes that only about one percent of people can earn enough from a blog, and I agree with him. After all, to make money from a blog, it's not enough just to carefully read and write correctly, you need to be intelligent enough and know a number of web technologies at a basic level: HTML, CSS, PHP, RSS, feed aggregators, search engine optimization, social networks, paid search, affiliate programs.

Still want to go on? Then let's continue. As with any major undertaking, you must have a great desire, perseverance and patience. You have to really want to succeed in earning on the blog. You must have perseverance to write often (preferably daily) and qualitatively (really interesting article). You need to be patient, because you'll have to wait for the result of your blog (a month, two or more), and the results you'll get depends on you only. Before you create a blog, think about it carefully!

Firstly, the subject of the blog. It should be interesting to you, it's very important because it's difficult to write an articles with topics you are not interested in. Who says that if you plan to earn money from the blog, the blog should focus on earnings in the Internet? Maybe you're more interested in cars or photography, or something that might interest other people. Do not choose too narrow theme, such as "cactus" because it will be hard to get a large number of interested readers for this blog. But you should not write "everything about everything", because you will not be able to attract readers, they will not know what to expect from you in the future. To attract permanent readers, you need to create a blog on a specific topic that is interesting to you.


Secondly, hosting and domain. Now there are a lot of Web services like, where anyone can create a free blog and write there whatever it wants. Do not use free options. They are very limited in terms of editing content and advertising, i.e. many ways of earning will be unavailable. In addition, free blogs are rated lower than those placed on a good hosting and having a second-level domain ( Pay special attention to the domain name: pick a "speaking" name. For example, won't tell you anything about the content of the blog, and says the blog is dedicated to education, search optimization. The traffic of your blog depends on the domain name. If possible, the name should be short, easy to remember, "speaking" and unoccupied.

Thirdly, the blog software. Of course, I recommend WordPress as a very useful platform for blogging. In addition to installing WordPress, you will need to create unique design for your blog, i.e., select the theme you want and redesign in according to your taste by yourself or give this job to professionals.

So, you make your decision on the topic of the blog, got a good hosting and domain of the second level and installed Wordpress. Now you just have to regularly write interesting articles there and increase traffic to the blog.

And to increase traffic to your blog, you need to do a number of things. Your blog must have a short title that reflects its main topic. It is not right to name a blog just with the domain name like Firstly, the visitors won't understand what your blog is about, they will be disappointed and will leave your website forever; secondly, there will be less visits from search engines.

You need to optimize your blog for search engines, which means that you need more often (but not too much) to use keywords that convey the theme of the blog. Be sure to insert keywords in headings, sidebars, text of articles.

After writing the first few posts send your blog address to your friends, so they read and commented on your post. Your friends will become your first regular visitors and commentators.

Comment on other people's blogs on similar topics, leave links to your blog, perhaps, authors and visitors of other blogs will become your constant readers.

From time to time write articles for popular resources on your topic (if there is a possibility of posting articles) and be sure to put a link to your site "here you will find other articles on this topic->». If the resource is popular, and your article will be interesting, then you can get some regular visitors to your blog.

How to Start Earning on the Blog

You've already started to write in the blog articles, that interesting and useful and attracted a number of loyal readers, you now need to start making the first money on the blog. There are dozens of methods and services on the Internet, to do this. You just have to choose the appropriate and most efficient one. I can offer you the basic ways of earning from the blog.


  1. Affiliate programs. Some websites offer you to earn rewards for attracting customers through your website. Usually after registration, you receive a link with a unique parameter, place it on your site, and receive money for those customers who have visited the site and ordered something. Link exchange systems like and many online stores provide affiliate links.
  2. Paid search. These are ads that are shown on your site. You get rewarded for clicks from your site to the links in these ads. Search engines Google, Yandex, and Vebalta offer this kind of monetizing.
  3. Selling text links through automated systems. You register in Uniplace and get money for placing backlinks on the pages of your blog. The more pages on your blog and the higher its characteristics, the more you can earn.
  4. Direct selling of advertising on the site. You can get paid for posting on your website banner ads and text links. You should provide information about the possibility of such advertising on your website. An advertiser communicates with you and when the arrangement is made you get money for advertising. Typically, advertising is placed for one or a few months.
  5. Writing tailored articles or seo-copywriting. You can write laudatory articles about services or products. You get familiar with what the advertiser offers, and write a custom article touting the product or service of the advertiser and you get money for it. Some bloggers charge $ 10 per 1000 characters in the text.
  6. Donations. Place information on your blog about how users can thank you for your useful articles. Normally it is your bank account details or e-money.

These are the main ways of earning from the blog (if I missed something, please add). But no matter how good they are, they will bring good income when used properly, and when the website traffic is high. The more visitors you have (traffic), the more revenue you can get. If your traffic will increase twice, most likely the income also increases twice. Try to attract more visitors and it will give you an income.

Motivation. Stock up on persistence and patience, because at first you will have few visitors and, therefore, the revenue will be low, but try to write at least during one month and watch your analytics. With the right approach, you will find that your traffic has grown during the first month and you started to receive the first money from a blog. I have increased income from Adsense and if I experiment with the location of the ads, it will be even better. This should drive you to feel the desire to increase the number of visitors and encourage you to write what visitors want from your blog: interesting and useful articles.

Learn English. Many people abroad are writing on the subject of earnings for quite a while, for example, how to build up a proper blog on Blogger and Problogger. With knowledge of English you can learn a lot of useful things about earning, because new tricks usually appear abroad and only then reach us. You will be one of the first to learn about new ideas about earning from blogs, if you'll read in English, so that will give you an advantage.

Write for your visitors and make money on the favorite business!

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