Backlinks are probably the most expensive line in the website promotion budget. Roughly almost half of the budget goes to the backlinks. Thus, the main headache of the optimizer is «finding services to reduce these costs».

Experts claim that the SEO market grows two to three times each year. Competition is growing, so the website promotion budgets are growing as well. Backlink prices go up along with the competition growth. Therefore, customers want to know more about the quality of the «fuel» for the website.

The reality is that the promotion of the website is a complex service. It can’t be checked as a McDonald’s hamburger meat quantity and quality.However, you can explain what’s the «backlinks budget», and what makes it efficient.

Let’s move from simple things to more complex.

Nowadays, the website optimizers have experienced reduction of the backlinks quality along with the growth of medium-and low-quality backlinks. And search engines, especially Google, start to recognize low-quality backlinks better and stop taking them into account.

There wouldn’t be that many backlinks without search engines as well as the modern search engine algorithms wouldn’t work without the backlinks Search engines should find out about the existence of a website — whether it is a site url submission, an application in any other form, or if the website appears under the backlink — an American SEO specialist claims.


The fact that part of the backlink material goes into wastes doesn’t embarrass clever customers. Waste-less production is rare. Website promotion is not yet possible without tests and fails in almost every attempt, i.e., purchases of «worthless» backlinks, that do nothing to promote the website.

Question: What is it’s percentage in the link building budget?

The problem of managing the link building budget is usually concerned by the advanced businesses (Telecom, IT and other).

We believe, that further instructions, will help customers with minimum knowledge of the website promotion technologies to assess how effectively the link building budget is being built.

A customer who is concerned about the future or current linkbuilding budget spending should ask himself the following questions:

What are the ways to buy backlinks to the website?

Ideally, as a response to this question, you should hear the following:

  • Backlink exchange with thematic websites.
  • Registration in quality site catalogues.
  • Posting in social networks and blogs.
  • Backlinks purchase on verified sites.

This question should reveal shine in the eyes of the professional SEO specialist by granting the opportunity to talk about favorite subject with a skilled vis-a-vis. The optimizer who uses only one or more backlinks exchanges (e.g. will have the opposite reaction. He will prove conclusively that the good automation tools will bring you more sustainable result along with significant budget reducing.

The fact that the SEO specialist can work with the range of SEO tools can give you an idea about high level of his skills. It is most likely that they do not «store all the eggs in one basket» to reduce risks. However, the backlinks buying in various ways increases the costs.


Quality and quantity are the most slippery questions. Let us explain why.

Every company and even every SEO-specialist has its own special technology of promotion adjusted to the peculiarities of a particular project. There is no generic algorithm for defining «lazy optimizers» who build a couple of backlinks and wait for a miracle. Typically, SEO professionals respond to the above question, indicates:

  • Websites, from which you manually buy the backlinks, relevance.
  • Uniqueness of content donor.
  • The frequency of the indexing of backlinks by search engines robots.
  • Click distance to the purchased links.
  • Belonging of a domain to the zone .IR, COM.
  • Number of external links.
  • The correctness of the ancor texts, etc.

At this point, the client can greatly help the SEO optimizer. The easiest way to count the number of links you need to hit the top 10 of the search engine is as follows: Select 3-5 competitor sites on the most tasty keywords and puzzle SEO-specialists to count the number of inbound links that competitors have.

In addition, the bona fide optimizer in his response would refer to an analysis of the current backlinks environment of the promoted site: How many links refer to your resource, to which pages they lead, whether the texts of links correspond to the semantic core, etc. This data registered users can get from the Google search console.

As a result of a simple math subtraction ideally we obtain:
Average number of links to your competitors’ sites

The number of links to your resource
The number of backlinks needed.
If you have received answers to your questions close to the ideal, 50% of your allocated budget will be spent as efficiently as possible. This will affect your site’s positions and sales from it.

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