2 300 000 queries are typed into Google search bar every second (BusinessInsider). Do you want to top Google search results for queries on your subject? Then you can’t do without these Google services.

Google Webmasters (www.google.com/webmasters/)

This resource will provide you with enough knowledge to create a website or an application of a good quality and to optimize it. Webmaster Academy includes lessons which will give you the insight on:

  • how to choose a domain name and register it;
  • how to determine characteristics of target audience using GoogleTrends and test it;
  • what a website structure consists of, how to make the most suitable structure;
  • what the website content should be like and where to take it;
  • how to optimize the website for mobile devices;
  • why you need to register in SearchConsole and how this tool will help when working with the website.

And if you are a complete beginner Google will tell you about the search engine structure:

  • how the indexation works;
  • what Google scans on the website and why;
  • by what principle websites are listed on the search results page.


Google Analytics (www.google.com/analytics/)

Not a single advertizing campaign works without statistics. Google Analytics collects data about the website together and provides them in an intuitively clear format.

You will find out how many people have visited the site and from what campaign, how long they have stayed on it, what pages they have opened and in what sequence. That’s how you will understand what campaign brings the best traffic, what triggers work for your audience and whether they are interested in your content.

You can watch the users’ behavior live or choose very specific time periods up to minutes.

Google Analytics will show the audience visiting your site from different angles:

  • their location;
  • gender and age characteristics;
  • interests;
  • devices they use to go online;
  • behavior on the website.

You will also see where exactly the users come from: from search or from contextual advertizing, from social networks or subject-related websites.

Google Business (www.google.com/business/)

Register in the free Google Business service, and when your company name is typed into the query, besides the links at the top of the search, there will be a window on the right:


It’s an additional opportunity for you to put your company on the map and for the customer to find necessary information as fast as possible. In this window you:

  • indicate all possible ways to contact you (the website link and its separate sections, phone, email, etc.);
  • add the address (it is added on Google Maps in order to make a route);
  • specify business hours (with availability and information about immediate service);
  • notify your customers about any changes (the office has moved, new services have been added, etc.);
  • upload photos (including panoramic views).


Users assess your company and leave feedback (with an opportunity to attach a photo). You respond to comments and communicate with most valuable customers right in the service.


After adding your information in Google Business, you will monitor statistics of interacting with the customers:

  • how often and in what volume your company data are reviewed;
  • dynamics of visiting the website and clicking on a «call back»;
  • how many routes to your company have been maped in GoogleMaps.

As soon as you change any information on the website, it is automatically transferred to the Google Business window.

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